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One Community, One Heartwork.

A community could mean different things to different people, it could be a team, a family, a tribe, or even a neighborhood. To us, a community is a group of people brought together by a shared mission who have built warm and meaningful connections to last a lifetime.

Artefino Fair 2019

ArteFino is a movement that instills Filipino pride in both the artist-entrepreneur and the consumer by bringing together and highlighting Filipino artisans—their artistry, craftsmanship, and ingenuity in combining tradition and innovation to produce pieces of art that have a story to tell. Come visit the fair from August 29 – September 1, 2019 at The Fifth at Rockwell and be a part of the movement!


Providing sustainable livelihoods, elevating living traditions, and preserving cultural heritage.

Presente by ArteFino

A holiday pop-up with unique Filipino finds for everyone.

About Us

Getting to the Heart of Filipino Life and Style

ArteFino is a movement that celebrates the Filipino artisan by creating an environment that treasures creativity and inspired passion. Our core purpose is to provide a platform that re-imagines, innovates and elevates Filipino craftsmanship wherein Filipino artist-entrepreneurs and artisans alike can showcase our rich culture through sharing the stories behind their craftsmanship and traditions to a community of socially conscious consumers.

Why We Do What We do