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About Us

Getting to the Heart of Filipino Life and Style

ArteFino is a movement that celebrates the Modern Filipino and the Artist-Entrepreneur. It serves as a launch pad and a “multiplier” for proudly Filipino and world-class products, concepts, and ideas. Specifically, it provides an avenue for people to discover modern applications of Philippine indigenous materials and connect with innovative artisans from different industries.

Artefino Fair 2019
Our goal every year is to always work on giving you a bigger and better ArteFino.
This is our commitment to you – to continually push brands to maintain global standards and to support our local entrepreneurs and artisans by promoting sustainability and supporting communities.
We invite you to become a part of the ArteFino movement. Apply for a spot at the ArteFino Fair 2019!

Providing sustainable livelihoods, elevating living traditions, and preserving cultural heritage.

Presente by ArteFino

A holiday pop-up with unique Filipino finds for everyone.

Why We Do What We do