Artefino | Stilo ArteFino
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Stilo ArteFino

Stilo ArteFino is our stamp of approval—on the AESTHETIC of the product, its CRAFTSMANSHIP and the STORY it tells.

It is in all that we support and value as Modern Filipinos—things that are meaningful, beautifully-handmade and proudly FILIPINO.

Stilo ArteFino Awards

The Stilo ArteFino Awards takes place during the annual ArteFino Fair.

It gives recognition to proudly Filipino artisanal brands that best showcase the HeArt of Filipino Life and Style and embody our guiding principles: Aesthetic, Craft, and Story.

2018 Awardees

Best Booth Little Luli

Best Product in Fashion Gabbie Sarenas

Best Product in Home C&C

Best Product in Accessories Good Luck, Humans

2017 Awardees

Best Booth Tatsulok by Filip+Inna, Balay ni Atong, Natalya Lagdameo

Best Product HaloHalo

Most Innovative Brand (co-presented by Lexus) Tatsulok by Filip+Inna, Balay ni Atong, Natalya Lagdameo