Artefino | Negros 9 Loom Donation
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Negros 9 Loom Donation

HeArteFino Awards the Negros 9 Human Development Weaving Center

Through Mike and Banj Claparols of Creative Definitions at the ArteFino Fair 2019

With a primary intention of giving back and growing the community, HeArteFino’s mission is to bring local artisans closer to having sustainable livelihoods by elevating their living traditions to adapt to modern times.

Our visit to the Kabankalan community in Negros last June inspired us to support the growth and development of Negros 9 Human Development Foundation’s weaving center. Seeing their production process deepened our appreciation for how much time and effort our local weavers pour into every meter of their stunning textiles. Their craft, creativity, and commitment shines through every weave they create, making each piece a resplendent expression of their heartwork.

Bearing this in mind, we are delighted to award Mike Claparols, co-founder of Creative Definitions, with a weaving loom for his partner community – the Negros 9 Human Development Foundation’s weaving center through HeArteFino! Creative Definitions has consistently dedicated itself to providing world class Negrense products to the local market. They’ve worked hard to create various opportunities to aid Negrense craftsmen.

The additional loom being donated will increase their production capacity and weavers. It will help them keep up with the demand for their textiles, collaborate with more designers, solidify their customer base and ultimately – establish a sustainable livelihood for the community.

We are so glad to be able to support such a strong community of creative, purposeful, and driven artisans who are incredibly passionate about their craft. Congratulations to Creative Definitions and the Negros 9 Weavers!