Artefino | Community Development Grant
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Community Development Grant


The development of the grant stemmed from ArteFino’s desire to provide funding for organizations in the handicrafts sector that focus on social change and welfare. In a nutshell, the grant focuses on financially supporting a community through the artist-entrepreneur. In addition to funding, the community and artist-entrepreneur can deepen their bond through the mentorship dynamic which is encouraged throughout the course of the program. The artist-entrepreneurs’ responsibility to guide their partner communities through the program is instrumental to building trust and a solid relationship.


The HeArteFino Community Development Grant is a CSV or “creating shared value”, a business concept wherein a company actively seeks business opportunities in doing social good. The HeArteFino advocacy was formed to create shared value within the local community. By creating shared-value, HeArteFino contributes to ensuring that Filipino traditions continue to flourish and endure.


The grant aims to fund research and future innovations to implement initiatives that create a greater impact on society by enhancing existing initiatives or piloting new ones and encourage younger generations of artisans to take up traditional Filipino handicrafts—preserving our cultural heritage in the process.


The ultimate dream is to set these communities up to be self-sustaining enterprises through integrating excellent craftsmanship and business literacy; giving them tools to transform their craft into a sustainable livelihood.


What does HeArteFino do for Communities?

  • Extend financial support to aid development and growth (facilities and resources, business tools and equipment to boost productivity, workshops and training, etc.)
  • Provide a customized development program to address the community’s needs
  • Provide a livelihood program through the development of a new product/collection in collaboration with ArteFino and the artist-entrepreneur for regular business and income opportunities

What does HeArteFino do for Artist-Entrepreneurs?

  • Offer an avenue to create shared-value 
  • Offer an opportunity to deepen their relationships with their partner communities
  • Provide an immersive developmental experience
  • Equip artist-entrepreneurs with necessary tools to guide their communities
  • Provide opportunities for growth and learning

How much funding will the grantee receive?

The amount of funding will depend on the requirements, scale of proposed impact, and the budget provided by the applicant. Disbursement of funds will be done on a timeline that is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the proposed project plan provided by the organization in tandem with the artist-entrepreneur. The selection committee shall reserve the right to decide the final grant amount for the organization.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Must be a participant of the ArteFino Fair within the past 2-3 years
  • Must have a partner community
  • A brand with promise and potential

What is the selection process like?

ArteFino carefully selects a willing and dedicated artist-entrepreneur from the ArteFino community to lead the community development program. This deliberation ensures an effective partnership between ArteFino and the artist-entrepreneur to see to the constructive fulfillment of the development grant.


The program is awarded within a 2-3 year cycle.  Being a sustainability centered program, it has a duration of 1-5 years.

  1. Grant Application
  2. Grant Awarding
  3. Program Development
  • Activity and Budget Planning (allocation of funds) for a 1 year cycle by ArteFino and Artist-Entrepreneur
  1. Defining Commitments, Roles and Responsibilities for Everyone Involved
  2. Artist-Entrepreneur Orientation
  3. Community Immersion
  4. Livelihood Program (product design, development, and production)
  5. Development Program (skills and workshop opportunities)
  6. Product Release and Sale (provision of platform by ArteFino)
  7. Community Evaluation
  • To document the impact of the program through Key Performance Indicators to determine if the program is worth continuing


The program aims to work with artist-entrepreneurs who…

  • Are committed to FILIPINO design and their craft
  • Must have full understanding of why they are doing this
  • Must understand that the grant comes with responsibilities, which means that accountability, commitment and dedication is important to make this work
  • Have mentorship capabilities
  • Are able to share the stories and experiences gained throughout the program
  • Are able to submit their requirements on time

The ideal artist-entrepreneur is…

Expressive and possesses an open attitude:

  • Able to clearly communicate and express their intention and vision for their brands and businesses and their chosen community
  • Able and willing to collaborate with different people (flexibility and adaptability are key)


Displays a potential for growth and a sense of professionalism:

  • An overall promising brand
  • Must reach a specific sales target during the current ArteFino fair –to demonstrate the potential of the business
  • Must have at least 3 years of business experience


In a good relationship with their partner community

  • Have an experience working with the community for at least 3 years
  • Able to understand the responsibilities of partnering up with the community
  • Must know their chosen partner community well
  • Must understand the origin and the tradition of their craft


Stage 1: Letter of Intent

Stage 2: Program Brief and Interview

Stage 3: Formal Application (For serious applicants – must fill out the application form)

Stage 4: Evaluation and Deliberation

Stage 5: Awarding


July – October 2019: Grant Application and Interview Period

November 2019: Evaluation of Applications

December 2019: Grant Awarding

December 2019 – January 2020: Program Development and Planning Period

February – April 2020: Product Development

May – August 2020: Production Period

August 2020: Product Launch in the ArteFino Fair

We want to hear from you!

If you’re interested in applying for the 2019 grant, please email us with a letter of intent at