Artefino | Bagobo Tagabawa
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Bagobo Tagabawa

HeArteFino x Zarah Juan

The first HeArteFino Development Program was granted to the Bagobo Tagabawa community from Davao. Known for the colorful beadwork that adorn their traditional attire, the community is in partnership with designer Zarah Juan.

The very first HeArteFino collection, a line of limited edition jackets featuring the Bagobo Tagabawa’s intricate beadwork, was launched at the 2018 ArteFino Fair.

Embodying Stilo ArteFino—well-crafted, uniquely Filipino products with a modern appeal, the exclusive collection has been expanded to included limited edition beaded shirts available at the 2018 holiday pop-up, Presente by ArteFino.

Financial Literacy Talk with Colayco Foundation

Together with the Colayco Foundation, the pioneer and most trusted name in educating Filipinos about managing income and personal finances, a financial literacy session was organized for the Bagobo Tagobo community.

The ultimate dream is to sustain these communities through integrating excellent craftsmanship and business literacy; giving them tools that will allow them to transform their craft into a sustainable livelihood.