Artefino | About the Program
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About the Program

HeArteFino: the HeArt of empowering Filipino artisans

The HeArteFino Development Program provides sustainable livelihoods to various communities through partnerships with artist-entrepreneurs. It also helps artisans to become self-sufficient through skills training and product innovation.

This program serves as a launch pad where communities can develop and grow their business. By elevating living traditions as a source of livelihood, ArteFino hopes to encourage younger generations of artisans to take up traditional Filipino handicrafts—preserving our cultural heritage in the process.

As a beneficiary, the community will receive assured funding from ArteFino. They will also be assisted with the necessary business tools and equipment to boost their productivity. Moreover, through the guidance of the artist-entrepreneur, the community will learn how to manage their enterprise effectively and conduct business with other clients directly.

The HeArteFino Development Program was launched during the ArteFino Fair on August 25-27, 2017 at the Penthouse, 8 Rockwell. It will be granted annually to the most outstanding brand at the fair. The grantee will be selected based on social impact and product innovation.

Last year, the HeArteFino Development Program was granted to the Bagobo community who is currently partnering with Zarah Juan. They will develop a product line that embodies Stilo ArteFino—uniquely Filipino products crafted with world-class quality, which appeal to the modern lifestyle. Their collection will be produced exclusively for ArteFino, and will debut this year at
the ArteFino Fair in August.

The HeArteFino Development Program is a CSV or “creating shared value,” a business concept wherein a company actively seeks business opportunities in doing social good.