Artefino | Community Development Grant
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Community Development Grant

About the Grant

ArteFino carefully selects a willing and dedicated artist-entrepreneur from the ArteFino community to lead the community development program. ArteFino’s desire to provide funding for organizations in the handicrafts sector that focus on social change and welfare has led to the development of the Grant. This deliberation ensures an effective partnership between ArteFino and the artist-entrepreneur to see to the constructive fulfillment of the development grant.

What does HeArteFino do for communities?

HeArteFino aims to provide the chosen community with not only a customized development program which will address their particular needs, but also a livelihood program which supports them in the creation and innovation of a new product or collection.

What does HeArteFino do for artist-entrepreneurs?

Moreover, the program offers artist-entrepreneurs an avenue to create shared-value and an opportunity to deepen their relationship with their partner communities.  The artist-entrepreneurs’ responsibility to guide/mentor their partner communities through the program is instrumental to building trust and a solid relationship.

ArteFino hopes to encourage younger generations of artisans to take up traditional Filipino handicrafts—preserving our cultural heritage in the process. The ultimate dream is to set these communities up to be self-sustaining enterprises through integrating excellent craftsmanship and business literacy; giving them tools to transform their craft into a sustainable livelihood.

The grant is available to interested members of the ArteFino community, to fund their future innovations and research, helping them create a greater impact on society.

The HeArteFino Development Program is a CSV or “creating shared value,” a business concept wherein a company actively seeks business opportunities in doing social good.