Artefino | About HeArteFino
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About HeArteFino

The Heart of ArteFino: Empowering Filipino Artisans

Providing sustainable livelihoods, elevating living traditions and preserving cultural heritage

HeArteFino is at the heart and soul of ArteFino. With a primary intention of giving back and growing the community, HeArteFino’s mission is to bring local artisans closer to having sustainable livelihoods by elevating their living traditions to adapt to modern times.

Its core is in its aim to provide a variety of aid to either the community, the artist-entrepreneur or both, through livelihood and developmental programs.

HeArteFino is focused on establishing programs that concentrate on two things – livelihood and development, with three divisions to date:

  1. community development program grant (a livelihood and development program)
  2. brand partnerships and collaborations (a livelihood program)
  3. workshops, talks and skills training (a development program)

The development program is committed to providing multiple aid to communities and artist-entrepreneurs to support their development and growth (such as business tools and equipment, facilities, workshops, skills training, etc.), while the livelihood program provides business opportunities to boost their income.

HeArteFino aspires to support the sustained growth of both the brand and the chosen community. It drives its long-term vision of a thriving ecosystem wherein doing social good and addressing a community’s problems goes hand in hand with a company’s growth and prosperity. Through the income generated in the ArteFino fair platform, ArteFino can support HeArteFino.

As a whole, the ArteFino movement aspires to create an environment that inspires artisans and uplifts Filipino craftsmanship. To take the movement and the platform a step further, the HeArteFino advocacy was formed to create shared value within the local community. By creating shared-value, HeArteFino contributes to ensuring that Filipino traditions continue to flourish and endure.

Commitment and Impact

HeArteFino’s mission is to promote sustainable livelihoods and the preservation of Filipino living traditions.  This is fulfilled through a variety of aid, primarily through partnerships with artist-entrepreneurs who share the same vision and intention of helping communities become self-sufficient through skills training and product innovation.  As a shared-value program, HeArteFino enriches the ArteFino movement through its impact on the community.

HeArteFino is committed to promoting an exchange of knowledge and stories that leads to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Filipino artisans’ artistry and craftsmanship. It promises to impart programs wherein communities are able to hone their craft as well as cultivate their trade.

The impact of the program is grounded in giving the ArteFino community of makers and designers ample opportunities for growth and innovation while reigniting the next generation of artisans’ passion to carry their cultural heritage forward.

The success of the program lies in the ArteFino community’s dedication to culture, tradition, relationships and promoting a proudly Filipino lifestyle.

The heart of HeArteFino is re-inspiring and enabling Filipino artisans to pursue and hone their craft.

The program fulfills the ArteFino movement’s vision to become catalysts of change by elevating living traditions into a source of livelihood. ArteFino hopes to encourage the next generation of artisan youths to continue practicing traditional Filipino craftsmanship through the HeArteFino Programs – preserving our cultural heritage in the process. Through this, ArteFino not only showcases Filipino artisans at their finest, but also helps develop Filipino artisans to become their finest.