Artefino | [Philippine Tatler] 11 Brands You Can’t Miss At Artefino 2019
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[Philippine Tatler] 11 Brands You Can’t Miss At Artefino 2019

[Philippine Tatler] 11 Brands You Can’t Miss At Artefino 2019

Thinking of dropping by ArteFino this year? Make sure to check out these brands on spotlight.

By Philippine Tatler

Now on its third year, the ArteFino craft fair features the theme ‘Pamana‘ or heritage. Showcasing world-class locally-made products from around the Philippines, the fair continues to support social entrepreneurship while supporting homegrown artisanal art.


Founders Maritess Pineda, Mita Rufino, Cedie Vargas, Susie Quiros, and Mel Francisco are all advocates of the arts and preserving Filipino culture. Thus, the fair represents that very advocacy — forging strong partnerships among communities and artisans while promoting concious consumerism.

Close to 130 participant brands are front-and-centre on August 29 to September 1, 2019 at Power Plant Mall’s newest event venue, the Fifth at Rockwell. Year after year, people flock to the fair to find unique well-made items that are otherwise difficult to find in major shopping establishments. “The success of ArteFino as a platform for social conciousness is what drives the fair”, shares Maritess Pineda. Susie Quirons adds, “there is a deep sense of pride in what we do, being change agents in the consumerist landscape.. new entrepreneurs and larger younger demographic present a collective conciousness toward the best we can be.”

If you’re looking to drop by the ArteFino craft fair, be sure to check out the following brands below:

1. GREAT Women

GREAT Women is a brand platform that provides eco-systems for vulnerable women microenterprises and entrepreneurs. By enabling and empowering them to directly participate in national and global markets, GREAT Women serves as a community that showcases well-made products. GREAT means Gender Responsive Economic Action for the Transformation of Women. Look out for their 2019 collection at the ArteFino fair that features classic silhouettes made with indigenous textiles.

2. Lara Samar PH

Lara is a visionary brand that focuses on indigenous materials from Samar, transforming raw materials into contemporary fashion items and lifestyle must-haves. After Typhoon Yolanda, the weavers of Basey, Samar reinvented the banig as a means to rebuild their communities. Since then, they’ve been producing innovative shapes and designs through bags, shoes, accessories, and home decor.

3. Casa San Pablo

For the 2019 fair, this brand built a collection around stories of compassion, joy, and mindfulness. Primarily focused on clay work, Casa San Pablo works with a community of urban poor women living along the Marikina River in Old Balara, Quezon City. Check out their craft and well-made items when you drop by.

4. LAKAT Sustainables

A line of shoes that is inspired by local craftsmen and made with indigenous fibres and recycled materials, Lakat Sustainables is built around advocay first. Lakat, which is Hiligaynon for go or to go, the brand is an homage to handloom weavers of Negros and Panay as well as Filipino farmers. Trade up your kicks for these comfy and sustainable shoes!

5. Adornata

A jewellery brand that bridges the gap between fashion and fine jewellery brand, Adornata showcases pieces designed by young and empowered women in mind. Made with ethically-sources high-quality gemstones arranged in fun and colourful designs, this brand will surely add a playful twist to your wardrobe. This year, they’re launching a capsule collection named, Stella (meaning, star).

6. Herman & Co,

A heritage concept brand showcasing indigenous weaves, textiles & artisinal products from the Philippine communities with a special spotlight on Mindanao — Herman & Co. was founded in 2016 by Bea Constantino to highlight the vibrant culture of her hometowns of Zamboanga City and Sulu. Fellow Mindanaoan Carol Go came on board in 2018, and since then the brand has continued to produce quality items showcasing weaves form the Yakan community in Basilan, textiles from Namarabar, Abra and the Sinagtala weavers’ coop from the displaced women in Marawi.

7. Made by MARSSE

At Marsse Tropical Timber, zero-waste has always been their sustainable tree farming practice. Their wood products are made from branches, trunks, stumps, and roots — using the entire tree so no material is wasted at the farm. Look out for their Mosaic Tile collection at this year’s ArteFino fair.

8. ANTHILL Fabric Gallery

Anthill is a fashion brand that draws inspiration from the biodiversity of the Philippines. Their newest collection is inspired by the term ‘Kalikasan‘ or nature, putting into mind silhouettes inspired from exotic plants. They upcycled natural materials to create sustainable fashion items.

9. HoliCOW x Hacienda Crafts

The Holistic Coalition of the Willing began as a focus group of concerned Cebuano designer manufactureres who wanted to discuss options for the futrniture export industry. They’ve partnered up with Hacienda Crafts to create products that are design-driven and expressed in fine craftsmanship. Check out their new furniture pieces at the fair.

10. Mich Dulce

The Mich Dulce millinery brand creates sustainable luxury hats and headpieces for the modern day, combining traditional European techniques with heritage Filipino fabrics and materials. They conitnue to promote Filipino artisans and micro-enterprises by working directly with grassroots communities and further developing them into bustling industries. The collection they’ll be featuring reflects classic draped shapes and 1950s vintage silhouettes. Make sure you cop one before they’re sold out!

11. C&C

…meaning Creative and Committed, this brand is known for offering fresh and fun designs. This year, they’re showcasing their Organic Escape Collection which celebrates nature by making use of natural forms by emulating living things. Exclusively launching at ArteFino 2019, be sure to drop by their space to check out their newest itmes.

The ArteFino fair will be held August 29 to September 1, 2019 at the Fifth at Rockwell, located inside the Power Plant Mall. To know more, check out their website, or follow them on Instagram, @artefinoph. 

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