Artefino | [Town & Country PH] 11 Things You Must Try at Eats by ArteFino This Weekend
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[Town & Country PH] 11 Things You Must Try at Eats by ArteFino This Weekend

[Town & Country PH] 11 Things You Must Try at Eats by ArteFino This Weekend

From poke bowls to pizza, here are all the dishes and delights you can expect at ArteFino.

By Alicia Colby Sy

Image by Pau Guevarra

1. Gourmet Garage

An ArteFino staple for those in the know, its selection of classic and creative dishes are good enough reason to take a break from shopping. Our favorites are the bagnet and chicken inasal wraps that are easy to devour as you walk around the fair, however, the tamago ramen and Angus beef belly with garlic rice are worth sitting down for.

2. Taste by Grace Home

Grace Barbers-Baja and her line of luxurious and tasty treats are always worth visiting. Having launched Taste by Grace Home successfully last year at ArteFino, this year she adds three new products to her already popular list: Spiced Rosemary Honey with Pink Peppercorns, Organic Tomatoes, and Kaffir Lime Chutney, and Organic Spinach and Mushroom Chimichurri. Of course your favorite cheese-pairing jams, cheese, and chicken liver spread, and the Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough will still be available.

3. The Wholesome Table

Famous for making healthy taste so good, The Wholesome Table is offering a range of guilt-free treats including poke bowls, fresh salads, bakery items—such as cookies, muffins, and cakes—as well as their selection of wholesome date balls, almond peanut butter, and granola. Packs of superfoods such as chia, maca, and cacao nibs will also be on sale. Be sure to also try a glass of its range of fresh juices, ice teas, and kombucha.

4. Art of Pie

Although its caviar pie, assorted pie puffs, samosas, and its legendary apple pie are why its loyal followers always come back for more, the new Timpano created especially for ArteFino, with layers of baked ziti, meatballs, ricotta cheese, salami, and hard boiled egg, will most definitely become an Art of Pie classic.

5. Malagos Farmhouse Cheese and Chocolate

A pioneer in Philippine cheese and chocolate making, Malagos Farmhouse is renown not only for its high quality but for also for its innovation in everything it produces. In addition to some of your Malagos cheese favorites, such as the Rosita, La Maria, and Blush, be sure to grab some of the special goat cheese made especially for ArteFino shoppers. The specially handcrafted cheese, ArteFino Sublime, is made in the style of fresh Chevre, from blended goats and cows milk, with green peppers, roasted garlic, and garlic chives.

6. Pizza Morena

Image by Yvette Fernandez

Can you say Pizza Party! Freshly made, using choice ingredients and lots of love, to Pizza Morena is where your nose will lead you. We just can’t get enough of all of tour Pizza Morena favorites including the pepperoni and four cheese and chive, but be sure to try the bespoke ArteFino pizza made with crabmeat and roe.

7. Bucky’s Not a Brownie


While a cup of coffee and one of its famous “don’t call them brownies” will definitely hit the sweet spot after an afternoon of shopping, we strongly suggest that you supplement your Bucky’s experience with some milk soft serve and a slice of the new favorite, Keso cheesecake.

8. Tilde

No one does confections like the original dessert diva, Ginny de Guzman. Whether you choose to enjoy her delectable offerings at the fair or prefer to take some home is up to you, but you may opt to do both with all that is available: Apple pie, limoncello cake, orange EVO cake, chocolate babka, cinnamon rolls and the champorado, salabat, parmesan and malted cashew cookies are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!

9. Stanford Shaw

Refreshing and delicious, Stanford Shaw old-fashioned ginger ale and non-alcoholic butterbeer are the perfect thirst quenchers as you make your numerous ArteFino rounds. If you are feeling cheeky and spontaneous, also check out the cocktail creations being mixed with the same beverages.

10. Engkanto Brewery

 Since it launched last year, the Engkanto range of craft beer has been a source of pride for Philippine beer drinkers. On offer at this year’s ArteFino are a few of its best-loved signature beers: lager, pale ale, double IPA, and raspberry lager.

11. Don Papa Rum

Saturday night is rum night at The Barracks! Come for neat servings of Sherry Cask, Rare Cask, and Don Papa 10, as well as the signature Don Papa 7 cocktails which include Darker Don (ginger beer and lime juice) and Coco Breeze (nata de coco, pink guava juice, and calamansi juice). Making its debut at ArteFino is Don Papa’s newest cocktail Flora & Fauna.

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